Day: August 3, 2018

Kept Vacation Secrets In The BVI

What happens in Vegas might well stay in Vegas, but you don’t want that to include more of your money than necessary. Mystery shopping is just one way, though, to save big on a vacation as the summer comes to an end. But President George W. Bush was chastised for waiting three days before ending his month-long vacation after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005. I’ve written a guide to the best tips, tricks and savings available for a Disney Vacation.vacation secret

The Chulews said being a mystery shopper was like going on a secret spy mission. There’s also nothing wrong with taking that vacation in a sunny place outside of Canada; nobody said that Canadian public officials have a civic duty to spend their winter holidays north of the 49th parallel.

I absolutely loved the Vacation Rental World Summit this year and I am so happy to know …

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