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Experience fresh mountain air as you rise above Sydney and enter the spectacular Blue Mountains region The Blue Mountains is perfect for exploring the best that NSW has to offer. With the simplicity of hindsight the Enlightenment is viewed as a time in which the shadowed superstitions of the past were exposed and swept away, ushering in a rational age of quantification, measurement and ordered progress. Obviously with the ride still coming together it’s a bit soon to look for an opening date, but Fun Spot America is still planning to make a summer debut.mountain

Building a new site gives us a chance to automate the robotic parts of the work that goes into running Dark Mountain – so we can give more attention to the parts where we get to be human. Someone living nearby captured the nighttime glow from Site C in this Flickr photo The Raven Rock Mountain Complex received approval in August 2012 to construct two additional generators at this location.

I give myself some time for news, politics, pop culture and videos of last night’s Late Night talk shows. One of the occasions that have taken up much of my time since then has been a life changing event. The Mountain Institute protects critical mountain ecosystems and promotes prosperous livelihoods to create resilient mountain communities.mountainmountain

With the help of three helicopters and a bulldozer, firefighters were able to stop the Thompson Creek Fire in Douglas County last weekend. Whether you’re an elite mountain guide or a weekend warrior, we’re a global community that believes sharing real-time information is the cornerstone of safety in the outdoors.

The height of the feature makes it either a hill or, if higher and steeper, a mountain. This mountain is not some wild corner of Alaska, but still vibrant with howling and growling beasts like lumbering bears and laughing coyotes. Mountain High Resort is located in the Angeles National Forest under special use permit from the Forest Service.

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