Tips for Those of You Who Want to Holiday to France for The First Time

Tips for Those of You Who Want to Holiday to France for The First Time

Basic information

Business Hours in France is from 9 to 6. The French people assume that from 12 to 2 is a break time. So, everyone is resting, then the cafe will be full. If you go to a Bank or a place of service like that, there is no one. In addition, in France, many holidays, in contrast to German and English are not holidays. Actually, the impact on many places is closed. So, for those of you who will be traveling should seek information first.

Other useful information is if you will eat 12 noon to 2 o’clock, then you should come early because it is certain everyone will go to the cafe or restaurant. In addition, dinner hours are from 7 to 9:30. So don’t be surprised if the restaurant is full at those hours. The long holiday takes place in February, while in July and August it is time for summer holidays, so don’t be surprised if most offices are closed.

In France alone, tips are included in the price you pay for something. The rule is don’t give tips if indeed people who do these services don’t provide special services. But some exceptions, you may give tips to the taxi driver who brought your suitcase.

In France, there is an unwritten rule that if you speak in public should your voice be lowered. Especially if you enter a restaurant. So, when you are in the restaurant (especially if you are at expensive restaurants), don’t be surprised if the waiter will be closer when talking, this is to maintain the manners (usually like that), other than that keeping the sounds don’t disturb other guests.

If you don’t know the name of a person, then you call the person called Monsieur/Madame.

Languages in France

Tourists who will come to France are usually concerned about learning France language before coming there. Most France people don’t speak English even though they actually speak English, even in Paris it is still valid. So, you must be learning a little France language before you get there.

Especially, if you really don’t speak France, at least you greet someone in France before asking something, France people will appreciate it, they will really help you if you try to ask using France. So, what you need is a book containing simple phrases in France.

Where in France except Paris?

France? Remember Paris right away? Paris is indeed a perfect place for people who want to travel, is a dream for many people. Paris is probably more famous than France around the world.

There are many cities in France that you can go to, actually near Paris close to Normandy, where the area has a beautiful architecture besides it has a beautiful coastline, and also the city also has friendly citizens. You will also find others great Brittany holidays packages.

Transportation and Accommodation

For those of you who will travel by train, you will have to validate your ticket before boarding to the train, as it should when swapping your boarding pass on the plane. If you do not check in first, you will be fined for it. Also, lest you miss the train, the train will not wait for you, just as if you left the plane.

If you want to be more efficient, especially if you have a fairly large number of the entourage, you can rent a car. But the costs will be higher in fuel, toll, and parking, think carefully and share equally with your entourage to compare the cost of riding a car and renting a car. If you really want cheap, just take the bus, it’s only a long-time travel, but in France, the bus has a very good system, like a train and aircraft only.

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